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I'm The Real Plush Strider: So everyone's been getting pottermore recently!



Which is exciting! So I thought it’d be nice to have a little roleplay for people who’re interested in getting to know their fellow students!

Basically, this means we’d make side accounts where we can post stuff and talk to each other and tag…

My name is Cheyenne and I’m a sixth-year Slytherin. Although I do try to maintain basic civility, sometimes my vanity and over-ambitiousness will get the better of me. People think I’m something of a bitch, which is fine by me as I have my fair share of undesirable qualities. I will befriend anyone from any house so long as we get along and they can handle my deprecating humor. 

(main blog is mewtiny and pottermore account is icecat6540)

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Welcome to Platform 9¾

6th year ¤ Slytherin
larch wood ¤ dragon core ¤ 12 1/2 inches.

"Slytherin will help you
on your way to greatness"

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