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: lagertha-lodbrok: Here’s the fucking thing I’ve heard/seen several…


Here’s the fucking thing

I’ve heard/seen several people mention how the Steubenville case should remind us all to speak to our daughters about parties and drinking.

Thing is, we already fucking do that. We’ve been doing it. You think I won’t be a paranoid mom about this…

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errydayimhufflin reblogged your post: Ugh.

Hey hey, now that’s…very nice! ): We Puff’s are just as smart and strong as

My apologies, it was rather distasteful of me to make such a general remark about an entire House. I suppose I have a bad habit of misguiding my frustrations towards easy targets… it would seem that Hufflepuffs are incredibly hesitant to duel against Slytherin students, and I find it quite aggravating to be honest!

Relax? That’s not a familiar concept to those who aim to get things accomplished… there are still so many students who are better than me, how can I just sit back and relax?? Perhaps I can relax when I become more adept at my studies and strategies, but until then it’s full speed ahead!

Although I detest accepting help from anyone… I suppose I wouldn’t mind… I mean that is of course if you don’t mind… I guess I could use all the help I can get… 

What’s your name, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Today hasn’t been very… congenial.

Not only can I still not get the hang of conjuring the simplest of these wretched potions, but I’ve also been slacking in the only credible past-time activity that I actually have something of an edge in… dueling. 

I mean, you know somethings off when you start losing to Hufflepuffs.

So frustrating!!!

Perhaps this a sign that I need to take it easy for a little while.. perhaps I’m pushing myself too hard and wearing myself thin?

Or maybe I’m not pushing myself hard enough, maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting weak. 

Come on you losers, let’s duel. Show me what you’re made of!

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I'm The Real Plush Strider: So everyone's been getting pottermore recently!



Which is exciting! So I thought it’d be nice to have a little roleplay for people who’re interested in getting to know their fellow students!

Basically, this means we’d make side accounts where we can post stuff and talk to each other and tag…

My name is Cheyenne and I’m a sixth-year Slytherin. Although I do try to maintain basic civility, sometimes my vanity and over-ambitiousness will get the better of me. People think I’m something of a bitch, which is fine by me as I have my fair share of undesirable qualities. I will befriend anyone from any house so long as we get along and they can handle my deprecating humor. 

(main blog is mewtiny and pottermore account is icecat6540)

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Welcome to Platform 9¾

6th year ¤ Slytherin
larch wood ¤ dragon core ¤ 12 1/2 inches.

"Slytherin will help you
on your way to greatness"

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